Searcy County

Gilbert - Marshall - Leslie - Pindall

Searcy County is steeped in history and offers several venues for genealogy studies. Located in the Boston Mountain Range of the of the Ozark Mountains, Searcy County features breathtaking scenery and many opportunities for enjoying the Ozarks rich cultural heritage.

Gilbert & Gilbert General Store - Recognized by the National Weather Service as having the coolest temperatures in the state. Gilbert General Store in Gilbert, Searcy County was established in 1901 and is now listed on the national Register of Historic places. Visit Gilbert on the Ozark Highland Driving Tour.

Old fashioned Drive-in Theater - Resident of Searcy County still enjoy watching movies from their car at this "blast from the past." Searcy County is home to what may be one of the last remaining old fashioned drive-in theaters in the country.

Ozark Heritage Arts Center & Museum in Leslie - A restored 1938 Works Progress Administration structure at Leslie houses a 400-seat theater and art gallery. The center features a year round schedule of first-class theatrical productions plus touring exhibits and art shows. A four-room museum is also located in the Center.

Serenity Farm Bread - Serenity Farm Bread is one of a few bakeries in the U.S. that makes authentic sourdough bread. Watch as bakers use long-handled peels tooled hand-shaped loaves into the wood-fired brick oven. Located one block east of U.S. 65 in Leslie. Open seven days a week.

Tyler Bend Visitor's Center - Located on the Buffalo National River off Hwy 65, the visitor's center has several attractions including a museum that depicts the Buffalo River Valley from prehistoric to modern times.