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Bull Shoals Dam, White River, Rivercliff Golf camera

Here is a link to a web cam located on top of the Bull Shoals dam.   Great views of the White River, Rivercliff Golf Course, the dam itself, the lake, etc.  And of course, you can always check the weather real time. Click here to see it

Cowboy Collie

By HisPlaceResort
Well, you know what they say;  the more things change, the more they stay the same.  Even back in the 50’s, there was “division”, if you will, between those who bait fish and those who fly fish. It’s only fitting that  my Dad would write about bridging that gap over 50 years ago, and finding common ground with others who truly love the White River, even if only for a day.  It’s just the kind of man he is. We could all learn something from him. I’ll let him tell y’all about it in his own words…  enjoy! COWBOY COLLIE By Bob Watts Cowboy Collie in 1955 at the Cotter Big Spring Park He was a big man, about 60, and always wore overalls and a wide brimmed straw hat.  Lived right there in Cotter along with his two fox hounds.  Apparently no wife.  Walked with a limp caused by supposedly trying to ride a buffalo in a small circus back in his younger days.  He fished the river about twice a week and had the reputation of catching more big trout than just about anyone else. He kept about every trout he caught over about 2 lbs.  Some would ...

Drive into the Movies

Marshall Arkansas - located in Searcy county.  Marshall is on highway 65 about 40 miles south of Harrison.  To get to Marshall from my house in Flippin requires a 1 hour drive across rugged Ozark Mountains and terrain - one of my favorite drives.  My wife and I make a trek to Marshall a couple times each year for the purpose of visiting the Kenda drive in theater.  Last night, we crossed the Buffalo River while the sun was still bright.  We both commented that we are over due for a canoe trip in on the river.  Seeing the Buffalo always makes me want to be ON the Buffalo. We got to the theatre about 30 minutes early by design.  For those that have not been there, early time at the drive in is in many ways comparable to a miniature tail gate party before an NFL game.  Just as we were getting tired of the atmosphere, the movies started.  Mall Cop and Twilight were our double feature.  Yes -the Kenda broadcasts the movie over a weak FM transmitter.  We could have listened to it in startling good sound through our vehicle's radio system - but that would ruin what ...

Gaston's Sunday Brunch Best In The Ozarks !!!

By Gastons White River Resort Gaston's home of trophy trout for over 50 years !!! Become a Fan of Gaston's FaceBook Site Gaston's White River Resort, Lakeview, AR It cost no more to go FIRST CLASS !!!

Gaston's White River Resort Airport

By Gastons White River Resort
Home of trophy trout for over 50 years ! Become a Fan of Gaston's FaceBook Site Gaston's White River Resort, Lakeview, AR It cost no more to go FIRST CLASS !!!

Great Places for Great Times

Cabin Fever as defined in Wikipedia - Cabin fever is an idiomatic term for a claustrophobic reaction that takes place when a person or group is isolated and/or shut in, in a small space, with nothing to do, for an extended period (as in a simple country vacation cottage during a long rain or snow). Symptoms include restlessness, irritability, forgetfulness, laughter, and excessive sleeping, distrust of anyone they are with, and an urge to go outside even in the (less miserable) rain, snow or dark.   I especially like the last line about an urge to go outside.   If I use only this part of the definition, then I have cabin fever most all the time of my life.  But to be fair to cabins everywhere, I live in the Ozarks.  The Ozarks just really make people want to be outside and doing things.   I can say that I have been on water skis in Norfork Lake in almost every month - including January.  I have been on the Buffalo River during every calendar month.  I have hiked in snow, hiked in poisen ivy.  Fishing for White River trout never gets slow because of cold weather.   They love ...

Senate approves measure authorizing minimum flows

By Gastons White River Resort
After over 30 years year of HARD WORK on the part of hundreds of folks the Senate approves minimum flows for both White River and Norfork River. Gaston's home of trophy trout for over 50 years !!! Become a Fan of Gaston's FaceBook Site Gaston's White River Resort, Lakeview, AR It cost no more to go FIRST CLASS !!!

Use your First Time Buyer's Tax Credit to own a piece of the Ozarks

By mountain_home_AR_realtor
Are you thinking of buying your first home in the Ozarks? Now you can get $8000 of tax credit to do this. If you have not owned a home within the last three years you qualify for this government rebate. However, you need to hurry. You closing must be done before Dec 1, 2009. Go to our Tax Credit page on our Website to get details about this awesome deal. Call us today at 870-421-0669 or 870-321-0810 for listing information in our Twin Lakes Area. The regional hub of this area is Mountain Home, AR, a great place for Living in the Ozarks.

View versus Trees

This blog has little to do with travel and tourism in the Arkansas Ozarks.  But it does represent the issues that we face here in the Ozarks and in many other places across the US. My home sets on a ridge top.  Although I only have 3 acres of land, I am pretty much surrounded by hardwood trees.  My neighbors, or hardly anything else is barely visible through the foliage.  This past winter, thanks to an extreme ice storm, many of the trees upper limbs and branches were broken off which opened up a view to the valley below that we had never seen.  It was fantastic,  We could see from our living room at least 10 miles over to and beyond Bull Shoals lake and the White River. Pictured here is a somewhat blurry photo taken from my window using a cell phone of a rafter of turkeys in my yard this winter.  Nearly 50 birds.  You get the idea - I live in a fantastics place.   Now here is the problem.  The leaves have grown back on the trees and our view is obstructed by only a couple beautiful and majestic trees.  We highly value the oaks - ...

Where to Stay in the Ozarks

As mentioned in my White River Trout Fishing blog entry, my Ozark mountain lodging management experience began 17 years ago when my wife and I bought our first resort here in Arkansas.  From that time forward, I have answered the question, "Where should I stay?". Styles of lodging varies as much as the interests of travelers.  The cities of Harrison and Mountain Home both have a variety of chain and privately owned motels.  Resorts on Bull Shoals Lake, Lake Norfork, and the White River have a variety of full service resorts to privately owned houses managed for short term rentals.  Areas surrounding the Buffalo River abound with secluded cabins widely ranging in levels of comfort and amenities.  Therefore, the answer to the question of where to stay in the Ozarks is most frequently followed with my own question, "What do you want to do?".   Another question that the Ozark vacationer should ask themselves is, "Who am i traveling with?".   If traveling with people that do not want to prepare their own food, then know that a secluded cabin may have a long drive to a restaurant.   If  your husband cannot stand to be without internet connection for ...