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Do you like green? We have it here at Blackburns Resort on Norfork Lake Arkansas by Mountain Home

By BlackBurns Resort
We do not have much money but we have a lot of green grass for the kids and adults to play ball and romp in our 3-acre playground.  Nature trail too.  Not huddled up on a cliff.  Gentle slope to Blackburns Resort 20-stall dock with ample parking.  The 1/3 mile walk will almost always produce ample wildlife for viewing.  All of this and only 5-min from super walmart and just off the new 4-lane highway.  Best off-season prices and low cost boat rentals. If you are not staying at blackburns you are paying too much.

Dry Run Creek project takes prestigious National Award

By HisPlaceResort
Dry Run Creek project takes prestigious national award FRANK WALLIS • Bulletin Staff Writer • December 9, 2010   Dry Run Creek Brown Trout A yearlong project to enhance public access to Dry Run Creek, stabilize the creek's banks and improve fish habitat is the winner of the American Fisheries Society's prestigious Sport Fish Restoration Project of the Year Award for 2010. Tim Burnley, stream habitat coordinator for the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, said he nominated the project. American Fisheries Society representatives from Washington, D.C., are scheduled to present the award at the January meeting of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. "The project had a lot of factors in its favor," Burnley said. "It involved substantial public participation with the Friends of the Norfork National Fish Hatchery, state support from the Game and Fish Stream Team, an educational element with the Trout Unlimited Stream Explorer Scouts, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service at the hatchery and the Army Corps of Engineers. It was a project designed and built for people with mobility impairments." He said advance publicity supporting the effort also was surely an aid in raising the project's profile in the eyes of judges. The $230,000 project ...

Eagle Chicks at His Place Resort!

By HisPlaceResort
Yes, Isaac & Rebekah, our resident bald eagles, have done it again!  This is the 6th year in a row that they’ve produced eagle chicks! You can see them across from the Observation Deck.  They hatched kind of early this year, around the 20th of February.  We believe there are two this year, as they are starting to stick their heads out of the nest… When we first moved here, the eagles hadn’t produced chicks for several years.  As this pair is an older, more established pair, they don’t migrate like the younger eagles generally will, but stay in this area year ’round.  Several folks, including some from AGFC, said their time for chicks was behind them… So, I waited…  No chicks in 2002.  No chicks in 2003.  I wasn’t really expecting anything in 2004, as I was pretty convinced by that time that everyone who’d told me they wouldn’t have chicks anymore was right.    But, I was still praying that they would…  I’ve always really been drawn to eagles. Yes, yes, there are definitely more important things to bother God about — but I thought if maybe I bugged him enough about it, and if He had some spare ...

Early fall color along the White River

By Gastons White River Resort
  It is looking like we may enjoy early fall colors this year ... Of course Mother Nature will make that choice for us. Gaston's home of trophy trout for over 50 years !!! Become a Fan of Gaston's FaceBook Site Gaston's White River Resort, Lakeview, AR It cost no more to go FIRST CLASS !!!

Forbes Traveler Fall Foliage Drive

By Gastons White River Resort
   One of several great autumn drives in the region, Arkansas State Highway No. 7 meanders from Lead Hill to Hot Springs through the color splashed Ozark National Forest and secluded Ouachita Range. The mountain town of Jasper is a hub for fall hiking, biking and horseback riding in the region, as well as kayak, raft and johnboat trips down the Buffalo National River. Gaston's home of trophy trout for over 50 years !!! Become a Fan of Gaston's FaceBook Site Gaston's White River Resort, Lakeview, AR It cost no more to go FIRST CLASS !!!  

Freedom, Families and Fun

By rita
Choosing pictures to post this week, I was struck by kids' enjoyment of our place. One group chose our spot as a central location for a family reunion and came from Nebraska, Kansas, and Texas. The grandmother of the group organized the entire week's activities. They played T-ball on our lawn, flag football on the campground and took 2 canoe trips. That memory reminded me of how much children gravitate to the river and take such pleasure in simple things. They can entertain themselves for hours by wading in the river and exploring all the delights of frogs and crawfish. After building a fire in the campground firepit, we noticed kids don't just roast marshmallows. They love the sizzle of burning them! And s'mores last only long enough for them to lick the last bite of chocolate off their lips. The freedom to run and play endears children to our little bit of heaven and parents love supervising them from the comfort of one of our campground chairs or while sitting underneath the shade of the picnic pavilion. We always encourage families to visit some of our Twin Lake Treasures like: Rocky Ridge Refuge and Fred Berry Conservation Center, both designed ...

Gaston's White River Resort Airport

By Gastons White River Resort
Home of trophy trout for over 50 years ! Become a Fan of Gaston's FaceBook Site Gaston's White River Resort, Lakeview, AR It cost no more to go FIRST CLASS !!!

Gobbler in the Yard !

By moose
Here on the bluff, you never know what to expect. At 12.00 noon today, I was showing the lodge to some gentlemen from Tulsa and Dallas. As I looked down the hill on the west side of the lodge, I spotted a huge Gobbler with an 11 or 12 inch beard! He was in full spring plumage with a big red head,and the sun was just glistening off of his copper colored feathers. As he walked around looking for his hens, I realized just how lucky Tina and I are to live in such a beautiful place. The weather today is beautiful and the Dam is running 7 generators. We are expecting a front and some precipitation tonight. Today however is perfect!

Goldfinch Gab

By rita
The second year we lived here, we hung a small tube-shaped bird feeder filled with finch seed. The next day, a burst of color arrived with a flock of 15 Goldfinches. I was immediately entranced by the magnificence of their entrance into our back yard. Their brillant yellow color and black wings created a feast for the eyes fit for any budding artist. Soon we realized their appetites far exceeded our feeder capacity, and we purchased an extra-large sized feeder that held about 10 pounds of seeds. We're now on our third giant feeder and never tire of watching these canary colored harbingers of spring. After receiving a bird book as a gift, we've learned that many other birds frequent our feeder as well as the suet cakes we hang from the gutter of our house. Each morning as I eat breakfast and gaze out my bay window, I marvel at our variety including Cardinals, Tufted Titmouse, 4 kinds of Woodpeckers, Nuthatches, Indigo Buntings, Blue Jays, House Finches, Cowbirds, and this past week a visiting pair of Grosbeak, who come for only a short time each spring. In our small corner of heaven, we are blessed by our singing friends who ...

Goose Gossip

By rita
Each morning when I begin my exercise walk down our road, I'm never sure what wildlife I might encounter. Two days in a row I heard a loud squawking noise in the air. The quarrel sounded like Canada geese. Since they normally mate for life, I figured the Mr. and Mrs. must have had a spat. Apparently they patched things up, because after I finished and arrived back at the house, I saw a pair down by the river. They no longer appeared unhappy, but instead walked along beside each other near our campground boat ramp and foraged for food. When you stay in our guesthouse, you also get the full run of our private campground. There you'll have a striking view of the river and may see a variety of water fowl and other birds, including eagles.