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Birding at Blackburns Resort On Norfork Lake Arkansas

By BlackBurns Resort
Blackburns Resort on Norfork Lake in Mountain Home Arkansas is a State of Arkansas Bird Sanctuary and has been for 15 years.  We have almost every variety of bird in the State residing here at one time or the other.  Hummingbird Feeders at every cottage with hundreds of birds.  Martin Houses are everywhere along with bluebird houses and wren houses.  Road Runners and cardinals abound.  Walk around our nature trail and you will be surprised at what you see.  I feed over 2,000 lbs.of sunflower seeds annually.  Steve at Blackburns Family fishing and diving headquarters.  Low cost boat rentals. Check out eagles , osprey and other birds of prey by boat.

Elk Hunting Friends - very lucky couple

Here is an article about a couple friends of mine who will be elk hunting in Arkansas for the 2nd year in a row.  Obviously retiring to the Ozarks has been a great idea for them.   Of note:  I have not had an elk steak or burger yet !

Glistening Gliders

By rita
My neighbor and walking buddy Diane is becoming a Master Naturalist. Each month she has taken classes soaking up knowledge. She teaches me much on our daily treks down the road about the treasures to be found in our precious Ozarks. She imbues her lessons with the gift of story-telling and respect for the environmental gifts we have inherited while living here. This week she taught me about the dragonflies swarming by the hundreds along the river and country side. They are called Wandering Gliders (Pantala flavescens). They're wide-ranging and considered to be the most widespread dragonfly on the planet. The body is tear-drop shaped and medium sized. It has a mostly yellow tapered abdomen, long broad wings, and a plain gray thorax. Females sport an all yellow face while males add a red tint to the yellow. Over time, males develop an orange spot on the dorsal side of their abdomen and brown wing tips. The adult Wandering Glider often forages in large swarms and one of the most remarkable reports of such a swarm covered 13 miles. Sadly, these creatures live 30-60 days, giving them only time enough to mate and lay eggs before they die. There are approximately ...

Wildflowers Along Gaston's Nature Trails

By Gastons White River Resort
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Arkansas Wildflower Site

By Gastons White River Resort
  An excellent site in reference to Arkansas Wildflower.  Gaston's White River Resort World Class Trout Fishing at Gaston's White River Resort, Lakeview, AR It cost no more to go FIRST CLASS !!!  

Bat Cave and no Mosquitos

By fish-fiddle
We knew we had a Bat Cave on our property and just recently the US Wildlife asked to fence it so we can protect the endangered bats.  They have completed the project and it makes the entrance more visible.  We are lucky to have such a find on our property and were concerned that if people tried to enter it, it would surely endanger the Bats.  They found it is also a maternity cave and we love to watch the Bats exit in the sunset and return in the very dim morning light.  It is also one of the reasons we have no Mosquitos and there are viturally none here in the Ozarks as there are many caves with bats to keep them away.   You can sit out at night and watch as they go on their late evening prowl for bugs.  If someone asked me many, many years ago what I would think about seeing bats, I would have said they were crazy.  Being a city girl, I am not proud to say I was afraid of everything.  Now, since living here I enjoy all of nature and appreciate what the Bats do.   So come on down, have a campfire and ...

Bountiful Butterflies

By rita
 Gazing out my office window, I feel as though I'm immersed in my own butterfly kingdom. With the onslaught of June sun, our butterfly bushes are now as tall as the lower edge of our windows. Like the hypnotic trance one encounters when staring at a fish aquarium, I'm mesmerized by this view of a variety of Ozark butterflies to delight the eyes. Smaller varieties, like the Zebras with their turquoise colors banded by black stripes, frolic and drink from blooms next to my little corner of the universe. They're often accompanied by hummingbirds who flee from our sugar water feeders to seek a more natural taste. When these creatures leave, the larger swallowtails arrive at the table including the Tiger, Spicebush and the Giant Black Swallowtail. They drift and cavort in the glimmering buds until I'm almost lulled to sleep, so peaceful is their rise and fall ... like a baby's sigh during nap time. And once again, I'm reminded of the simpler pleasures in life and the glory of living in the Ozarks ... where time waits for the rustle of butterfly wings and sunshine brings them back to me at dawn. Blessings, Writer Gal Visit my new ...