Bull Shoals Lake

Winning Bass at Tournament

Take a look at our photo page to see the winning fish at the12th Annual Promise Land Area Resorts Fishing Tournament.  Fisherman was our guest, Dale Cisco out of Illinois.  The fish weighed 5.4 pounds and was released at the dock.

Bass Tournament

Getting ready for the Promise Land Area Resorts Amateur Bass Tournament.  We had a great time last year fishing "the trees" where all the bigs ones were hiding.  This year the fish are bigger and more plentyful.  The water temp is almost at 51 degrees - the magic temp for the best bites.  Still room for more to join the fun - see our specials for more details

Bull Shoals Dam, White River, Rivercliff Golf camera

Here is a link to a web cam located on top of the Bull Shoals dam.   Great views of the White River, Rivercliff Golf Course, the dam itself, the lake, etc.  And of course, you can always check the weather real time. Click here to see it

Bull Shoals Lake Fishing

By promise
The water temp is warming up and the fishing is picking of our guests caught a nice 4 pound Kentucky   The lake water temp is at 53 degrees normally at 56 is when the White Bass spawn starts followed by most other species

FUN facts you should know

Although I have one of the best jobs I can imagine - I often get too wrapped up in it and forget to have enough fun.  I think most of us do that.  We take ourselves a little too seriously.  We feel like that our company may stutter a bit if we take off a little time for some fun.  Years ago, I remember my Mom would not want to do too much fun things locally because she was afraid people would think she did not work hard enough.   But what about FUN?  I personally have made a commitment in 2009 to have more fun - especially weekends.  So far, I have held to it.  I still work on weekends, but I don't let that work get in the way of my FUN.  So far this year, Jami and I have spent several weekends driving the Ozark backwoods in our Jeep.  I have ridden several bicycle routes/events.  I fished in a trout tournament on the White River.  We went out sailing with some friends on Bull Shoals Lake.  And, we have found one weekend nice enough to do a little hiking. So far, I have not been fired from my job.  Matter ...

Here we come!!! Here FISHY...FISHY...FISHY...

By deerrun
Deer Run Guest House & Cabins - and Oak Ridge Resort are getting ready for next weeks fishing tournaments.  There are still openings for the annual Promise Land Area Resorts Spring Bass Buddy Tournament held April 23 and 24 - orientation is April 22.  This will be our 12th year.  Many prizes and cash is given as well as our big BBQ the last night.  There's still time to call and get in 800-511-LAKE (5253).  The fee is only $40 per team and $10 big bass.  All monies are given as prizes.  Fishing are buddies, husband and wives, father and sons.  It's a great time!! We are also getting some large mens groups coming in for some good fishing time.  This is the time of year the fish are really biting.  Oak Ridge has some larger units so the men can have their own beds. 

Lakes or Rivers/ It,s a tough choice

By moose
I tell you what, I have a dilemma. The walleyes are biting, the smallmouth nightbite is great, and the rivers are also fishing great right now. What to do, what to do. This is a hard decision, but I do love to eat Walleye. Seriously, The White has been fishing very good, Chip and Brenda from Little rock were up this last weekend and caught a good number of fish despite the rain. On their second day, Chip caught a very nice 22 inch brown and also managed a cutthroat, and lots of rainbows. He almost got a grand slam, but as a beginning "trout" fisherman he didn't quite realize the accomplishment he just barely missed. Raymond and Debbie from Tyler also had a great day with Greg on the White, and caught quite a few fish. The sulphurs are starting to come off, but the water has been running at 5,6,and 7 units so this has slowed the hatch, but not the fish catching. I personally have been on the lake, as of lately chasing walleye.  I have to admit though, I have actually been catching more Kentucky spotted bass,and smallmouth than the trophy walleyes I am after.I have been catching some walleye but ...

Patience & Impatiens

By promise
Well, today's weather is cool and rainy, but the forecast for the next week or so looks improved with warmer temps......and the White Bass should be starting their spawn while we're waiting on some excellent fishing, spring cleaning our cabins, and planting trees and flowers around the resort is what we've been enjoying! 

Red Shouldered Hawk's Nesting

We have found a pair of Red Shouldered Hawks nesting at the resort.  Have lots f great pictures if you want to see, send me an email.

Trout Diva goes Crappie Fishing

By HisPlaceResort
You know...  Trout Diva doesn't ALWAYS fish the White River...  I spent my childhood on a small lake outside of Kansas City, MO called Lake Tapawingo.  My Daddy taught me how to fish when I was about 6 years old, and I spent many a lazy day down by the water, soakin' up the sun in search of crappie and bass.  Now that I'm all grown up, and living smack-dab in the middle of 2 lakes & 3 rivers, I have lots of fishing options!  Well, yesterday, Steve & I sneaked away from the resort about 2:45 in the afternoon, and went to the Fairview public ramp on Bull Shoals Lake.  I'd been hearing about the great lake fishing that's been going on, and my husband had already been out a few times (without me!) doing some "product research" as he calls it...  So, we hit the water about 3:15 to see what we could find. You've probably heard this before, but the first thing that always strikes you about Bull Shoals Lake is the crystal clear water.  We had 20' water visibility - easy...  it was about 65 degrees, light breeze, blue sky...  perfect! We quickly scanned a few ...