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Another Grand Slam: On Dry flies:

By moose
May 12th, 2010 Yesterday was another first at The White River Inn. Terry Carlson and his son Henry came down from Minnesota to try their hand at Flyfishing. The beginners luck thing must be real! They both enjoyed a fantastic day of dry fly fishing with Davy, and to top it all off,Henry caught a grand slam on dries {rainbow,brown,cutthroat,and brook trout}. This is only the second grand slam on the White River for any of our guests in five years of business, and the only one on dries. Congrats to you Henry and may all your days be as successful. I can’t wait to see how his day at the Bull Shoals Dam goes. Perhaps a 30 inch brown if his luck holds out. The fishing is just as good as it gets right now!

Cajun Eatin and Fishin

By moose
Late last night Sam and Tonda arrived from Louisiana. They brought some treats, and I do love to eat! Tonight after a full day on the River with Scott and a wonderful day in his drift boat we broke into some fine cajun sausage and about 5 or 6 pounds of crawfish!! Now I am talkin some good eatin and even better company and conversation. We started with the crawfish and then mixed it up with some asparagus on the grill and some of the best italian/cajun sausage I have EVER eaten!!Put that with some homemade yeast rolls and we didn't even get to Tinas special pot roast. We will feast on it tomorrow. Sam said his day on the river was wonderful in Scotts' hand made driftboat.The fish cooperated most of the day and he caught fish on basically all the flies they tried. Nymphing was new to Sam as he is a redfish guy and this was his first time for trout. They caught quite a few fish and Sam lost a 20 inch plus fish but he has three more days of fishin. They saw eagles ,both mature, and the fledglings in the nests. They also saw ...

Dave and Emily Whitlock: What a Treat!!

By moose
The last couple of days Tina and I had the exceptional pleasure of hosting the "First Couple of Flyfishing" here at the lodge, Mr and Mrs. Dave Whitlock.  As many of you know Dave Whitlock was the first inductee into the North American Fly fishing Hall of Fame. The ceremony took place here in Mountain Home Arkansas near the White River, Dave's home river for over thirty years. The celebration was attended by 150 of Dave's closest friends and colleagues, the guest list reads like the who's who of everything! Tina and I were honored and thrilled to be able to just spend some time with this gracious and personable couple. Most, if not all fly fishing enthusiasts know Of Dave through his now famous books, artwork, and dozens of popular and syndicated flies. He pioneered fly fishing with the likes of Lee Wolff, Flip Pallot, and many other famous North American Fly fishing legends. It would simply be too lengthy and voluminous to list all of his credits and contributions to the sport and art of fly fishing and fly tying. However, after spending several days with he and his beautiful wife Emily, it is my opinion that his ...

gardening: Am I going crazy?

By moose
These last few weeks I had the wild hair to plant a few tomato plants. This gardening thing is getting way out of hand!!A thousand bucks in deer fencing,plants,weed cloth, seeds ,etc. etc. and all I have is a sunburned bald head and a sore back .I sure hope something grows. I planted everything it seems,way heavy on the tomatoes and peppers and squash.I love all the veggies and I think it will be great to have organic produce to serve here for breakfast{think juicy vine ripe tomatoes} and dinners. I will definitely have extras to send home with guests who love tomatoes. I started with 6 plants but it has grown to 22 plants.Somebody stop me. I am told I may have an influx of rabbits, we will see. MMMM, fried rabbit and zucchini with sweet corn and tomatoes on the side. This gardening thing could work out.

Bad Weather : Great Time

By moose
Lee Shinaberry and his group arrived late Wednesday night around 8:00. We all enjoyed a wonerful dinner prepared by Tina! A roasted and encrusted pork tenderloin, with a creamy, mild goat cheese sauce was the entree. Accompaniments included grilled veggies, mashed potatoes, a delicious salad and homebaked whole wheat bread! As if this wasn't enough , we topped it off with Tinas banana pudding. Thursday arrived rainy and cool.The guys stuck it out in the rain like soaked rabbits. They did catch quite a few fish with the largest being 4 browns in the 18 to 20 inch range. The girls had an easier day .They enjoyed massages and sightseeing and then just hung around the lodge and RELAXED! Thursday night we enjoyed a wonderful ribeye dinner with all the fixins and some very nice wines provided by Mark Shinaberry. After dinner we stayed up late and we all played dominoes.Talk about cutthroat! I had forgooten how much fun it is to play dominoes with a great bunch of people! A fine time was had by all!

Catchin Lots of Fish

By moose
The last few days have been excellent! Stan and his group from Dallas were out spinfishing this week. They caught around 60 to 70 fish per boat! Stan had the largest, a 4 lb brown, it was a fat chunky male that was well colored. Between the two boats,several browns were landed, but the majority were very healthy rainbows with several in the 17 to 19 inch range! Several of the rainbows weighed in at  2 lbs plus! It seems the hot baits were small river minnows, stitched on the hook. All in all it was a great day for everybody! Dan and Rita were also out with Carl and they had a great day! Rita was a little under the weather,  however all the "catchin" made her feel a lot better. Stan and his group {3 generations} took a few fish over to the 178 Club and had them prepare them for dinner, they said they were excellent. Everybody is out again today and a new group from Fort Smith! Andy Anderson and his pastor and wife are enjoying a great day. Stan is also a pastor, so this is "the week of the preachers"! There has been some ...

Gobbler in the Yard !

By moose
Here on the bluff, you never know what to expect. At 12.00 noon today, I was showing the lodge to some gentlemen from Tulsa and Dallas. As I looked down the hill on the west side of the lodge, I spotted a huge Gobbler with an 11 or 12 inch beard! He was in full spring plumage with a big red head,and the sun was just glistening off of his copper colored feathers. As he walked around looking for his hens, I realized just how lucky Tina and I are to live in such a beautiful place. The weather today is beautiful and the Dam is running 7 generators. We are expecting a front and some precipitation tonight. Today however is perfect!

Great Places for Great Times

Cabin Fever as defined in Wikipedia - Cabin fever is an idiomatic term for a claustrophobic reaction that takes place when a person or group is isolated and/or shut in, in a small space, with nothing to do, for an extended period (as in a simple country vacation cottage during a long rain or snow). Symptoms include restlessness, irritability, forgetfulness, laughter, and excessive sleeping, distrust of anyone they are with, and an urge to go outside even in the (less miserable) rain, snow or dark.   I especially like the last line about an urge to go outside.   If I use only this part of the definition, then I have cabin fever most all the time of my life.  But to be fair to cabins everywhere, I live in the Ozarks.  The Ozarks just really make people want to be outside and doing things.   I can say that I have been on water skis in Norfork Lake in almost every month - including January.  I have been on the Buffalo River during every calendar month.  I have hiked in snow, hiked in poisen ivy.  Fishing for White River trout never gets slow because of cold weather.   They love ...

Lakes or Rivers/ It,s a tough choice

By moose
I tell you what, I have a dilemma. The walleyes are biting, the smallmouth nightbite is great, and the rivers are also fishing great right now. What to do, what to do. This is a hard decision, but I do love to eat Walleye. Seriously, The White has been fishing very good, Chip and Brenda from Little rock were up this last weekend and caught a good number of fish despite the rain. On their second day, Chip caught a very nice 22 inch brown and also managed a cutthroat, and lots of rainbows. He almost got a grand slam, but as a beginning "trout" fisherman he didn't quite realize the accomplishment he just barely missed. Raymond and Debbie from Tyler also had a great day with Greg on the White, and caught quite a few fish. The sulphurs are starting to come off, but the water has been running at 5,6,and 7 units so this has slowed the hatch, but not the fish catching. I personally have been on the lake, as of lately chasing walleye.  I have to admit though, I have actually been catching more Kentucky spotted bass,and smallmouth than the trophy walleyes I am after.I have been catching some walleye but ...

Where to Stay in the Ozarks

As mentioned in my White River Trout Fishing blog entry, my Ozark mountain lodging management experience began 17 years ago when my wife and I bought our first resort here in Arkansas.  From that time forward, I have answered the question, "Where should I stay?". Styles of lodging varies as much as the interests of travelers.  The cities of Harrison and Mountain Home both have a variety of chain and privately owned motels.  Resorts on Bull Shoals Lake, Lake Norfork, and the White River have a variety of full service resorts to privately owned houses managed for short term rentals.  Areas surrounding the Buffalo River abound with secluded cabins widely ranging in levels of comfort and amenities.  Therefore, the answer to the question of where to stay in the Ozarks is most frequently followed with my own question, "What do you want to do?".   Another question that the Ozark vacationer should ask themselves is, "Who am i traveling with?".   If traveling with people that do not want to prepare their own food, then know that a secluded cabin may have a long drive to a restaurant.   If  your husband cannot stand to be without internet connection for ...