Bin Muddn' ?

I was at a meeting this morning.  One of those early meetings that you get in early in the morning so as to not interrupt a full day of meetings that will follow.  My mind was nowhere near the subjects at hand.  My mind was wondering down a National Forest behind the wheel of my Jeep. The setting was great - it was fall time.  The summer heat was gone.  I was no longer swimming in Bull Shoals Lake or wading in the White river for trout - nope, I was driving through the woods in my Jeep.  My wife and I have been married 25 years.  Of those, we have owned a Jeep 22 years.  It is what we do.  It is how we roll. Then I accidently laughed out loud - loud enough to draw the attention of some of those paying attention at the meeting.  Embarrassing for sure.  I laughed because I recalled one of those great moments in life.  Last fall, after one of our Jeep outings, I was driving our Jeep to work and went through McDonald's for breakfast.  My vehicle had mud down the side and some on the hood left over from our ...

Blackburns Resort on Norfork Lake boat rental

By BlackBurns Resort
Check out the prices on blackburns resort high quality boats. best place best price.  Steve will help you find fish.  Water temps are lowering and fishing is changing.  If you are not staying at blackburns you are paying too much.  High generation on both rivers has stopped wading.  Ckeck out the lake

Bull Shoals Dam, White River, Rivercliff Golf camera

Here is a link to a web cam located on top of the Bull Shoals dam.   Great views of the White River, Rivercliff Golf Course, the dam itself, the lake, etc.  And of course, you can always check the weather real time. Click here to see it

Carp Return to Quarry Marina

By Quarry Marina
Each year in the late spring, the school of carp return from their winter feeding grounds to their home at Quarry Marina.  It's amazing how they come back to the same place each year, specifically to the same stalls.  This morning 8 carp appeared in the front stall "begging" to be fed!  I recognized one of the carp as one that has been here for at least 6 has a unique crooked mouth!  An internet article stated that common carp can live up to 25 years in the our carp will be returning for a long time and hopefully their numbers will increase!

Drive into the Movies

Marshall Arkansas - located in Searcy county.  Marshall is on highway 65 about 40 miles south of Harrison.  To get to Marshall from my house in Flippin requires a 1 hour drive across rugged Ozark Mountains and terrain - one of my favorite drives.  My wife and I make a trek to Marshall a couple times each year for the purpose of visiting the Kenda drive in theater.  Last night, we crossed the Buffalo River while the sun was still bright.  We both commented that we are over due for a canoe trip in on the river.  Seeing the Buffalo always makes me want to be ON the Buffalo. We got to the theatre about 30 minutes early by design.  For those that have not been there, early time at the drive in is in many ways comparable to a miniature tail gate party before an NFL game.  Just as we were getting tired of the atmosphere, the movies started.  Mall Cop and Twilight were our double feature.  Yes -the Kenda broadcasts the movie over a weak FM transmitter.  We could have listened to it in startling good sound through our vehicle's radio system - but that would ruin what ...

Eagle Chicks at His Place Resort!

By HisPlaceResort
Yes, Isaac & Rebekah, our resident bald eagles, have done it again!  This is the 6th year in a row that they’ve produced eagle chicks! You can see them across from the Observation Deck.  They hatched kind of early this year, around the 20th of February.  We believe there are two this year, as they are starting to stick their heads out of the nest… When we first moved here, the eagles hadn’t produced chicks for several years.  As this pair is an older, more established pair, they don’t migrate like the younger eagles generally will, but stay in this area year ’round.  Several folks, including some from AGFC, said their time for chicks was behind them… So, I waited…  No chicks in 2002.  No chicks in 2003.  I wasn’t really expecting anything in 2004, as I was pretty convinced by that time that everyone who’d told me they wouldn’t have chicks anymore was right.    But, I was still praying that they would…  I’ve always really been drawn to eagles. Yes, yes, there are definitely more important things to bother God about — but I thought if maybe I bugged him enough about it, and if He had some spare ...

First Tuesday of Spring

By Quarry Marina
On this first Tuesday of Spring, there is a lake wind advisory in affect until 7:00 PM.  I've seen several boats on the lake today and one fisherman said he caught quite a few fish this morning.

Gaston's White River Resort Airport

By Gastons White River Resort
Home of trophy trout for over 50 years ! Become a Fan of Gaston's FaceBook Site Gaston's White River Resort, Lakeview, AR It cost no more to go FIRST CLASS !!!

Goldfinch Gab

By rita
The second year we lived here, we hung a small tube-shaped bird feeder filled with finch seed. The next day, a burst of color arrived with a flock of 15 Goldfinches. I was immediately entranced by the magnificence of their entrance into our back yard. Their brillant yellow color and black wings created a feast for the eyes fit for any budding artist. Soon we realized their appetites far exceeded our feeder capacity, and we purchased an extra-large sized feeder that held about 10 pounds of seeds. We're now on our third giant feeder and never tire of watching these canary colored harbingers of spring. After receiving a bird book as a gift, we've learned that many other birds frequent our feeder as well as the suet cakes we hang from the gutter of our house. Each morning as I eat breakfast and gaze out my bay window, I marvel at our variety including Cardinals, Tufted Titmouse, 4 kinds of Woodpeckers, Nuthatches, Indigo Buntings, Blue Jays, House Finches, Cowbirds, and this past week a visiting pair of Grosbeak, who come for only a short time each spring. In our small corner of heaven, we are blessed by our singing friends who ...

motorcycle ride in the Ozarks

Sometimes I think my wife and I may be the only two people that are not motorcycling.  Coming near to that time of year where we will see so many people enjoying the roads and beauty of the Ozark mountains. This article just hit the internet yesterday from Motorcycle Cruiser magazine.  The writer had a great time and hit some good highway - but I wish he had more time as there were many excellent adventures that he missed. Here is a list of our recommended routes.   The route that was depicted in the magazine article is named the Jasper Disaster.  Don't fret.  It was named by bicyclists who coined the phrase for the toll that pedaling up the long mountain takes on your legs. My friends over in Harrison offer these routes and more in a pocket sized adventure guide that is great to carry with you on your cruise through the ozarks.   Have fun.  I hope to join you some day.