Travel Journal— Spring Break 2010 Buffalo River Adventure - Harrison Arkansas Hotel Seville

By seville

   We stayed in the 1929 Hotel Seville.  It is interesting, historic and trendy and we all loved it and recommend the 2 bedroom suite.  Our 12 year old essentially had her own room.  She loved it and we appreciated the privacy with the security that she was adjacent with a connector. Early the next morning we started our adventure.  We started with a great breakfast at the Ranch House, a true American diner then we headed "into the park" for our hike.  Arriving a little after 11 we decided to take the 2 mile trail from the low water bridge at Ponca to the majestic bluffs at Steel Creek.  Breathtaking and well maintained the trail rode the bluff line above the river and presented only a moderate challenge.  It was a long way from the video game world we live in. Arriving back in ponca after the 3 1/2 hour hike we deserved ice cream so we of course headed to the famous Ozark cafe in Jasper and then back to the hotel for a nap. We had played hard and the soft bed felt great. With our nap complete, Our big day outside continued with our kid compromise inside in the form of a movie at the IMAX Branson.  Less than a half-hour from the hotel we found the hotel as a convenient mid-point between activities and a very            relaxing and affordable destination. 

Most importantly THIS Buffalo River Adventure headquartered From The Seville allows our family to consider itself:           Re-connected