The Fourth,Family,Friends,Fireworks and Fish

By moose

This weekend was just about as good as it gets for us here at the White River Inn.The Swicegood family from Fort Smith came over again. With Chris and Lolly playing the Guitar and singing we were entertained in a special way. We love all of our aspiring and established musicians who stay with us.

But the icing on the cake was Chris catching a lifetime personal best 8 lb 1 oz brown trout. It was HUGE! It was only 24 1/2 inches long but it was so fat. It was a big male and truly a trophy of a lifetime. It was one of the largest trout taken by one of our guests in the five years we have been here.
He is going to have a beautiful replica made, that will grace his wall nicely.

Bill hall brought his family up and they also had some great success ,especially on Dry Run Creek . Marc guided the Trevor and Garrett to some great fish on their first flyfishing excursion.They caught several very nice fish.Trevor caught a rainbow in the five to six pound range, he says its Eight and some change. He is learning the art of fish stories quickly. After dry Run Creek, they headed to the White and finished up the day catching rainbows on Midges.

Gary and Emily were also returning guests and they had a very good day spinfishing with Pete. Emily caught 3 Browns with the largest being about four pounds. She said they caught more rainbows than they could count, and she definitely out fished Gary.
We had great dinners that Tina prepared with Custom Aged Ribeyes and Pork Tenderloin with  a mild goatcheese sauce as the entrees. She is not just beautiful, the girl can cook a mean dinner . I am very fortunate indeed.
We closed up the weekend with a great fireworks show at the Bull Shoals dam which we watched from our westerly lawn. All in all it couldn't have been a better fourth with friends and family.