Memorial Weekend/ The Week Before

By moose

It is always prudent for me to mention how the fishing "has been" before a big holiday and a full house!

This last week has been phenomenal fishing with low water starting the day each morning,and then generation picking up around 1 or 2 oclock in the afternoon. Mrs Carter Brooksher fished with Steve one day and had a wonderful day! She caught all rainbows with an 18 incher being her largest.
She said she lost count after 30 or so, and this was a great change in numbers from her native colorado rivers, where 6 to 8 fish is considered a good day,with most of those fish being browns.
Our caddis hatch has dwindled down but the midging has been excellent. I did witness a very unusual "microcaddis" hatch 3 evenings ago and the birds were all around our deck gobbling them up and you could literally here their tiny little beaks clicking as they hovered and ate as many as they could get. It was something I had never seen before and quite a sight to see.

My garden is growing quite well and we are excited about fresh veggies and tomatoes for our breakfasts. The deer population is very very high in our yard and I am thankful I put up the fence.All the bucks are bunched up and their velvet horns are funny looking little nubs that I can watch grow almost daily.I haven't seen any spotted fawns or baby turkeys, but I know I will soon, as the mother turkey is also here every day.
I guess I should stop rambling ,but each day I go out on the back deck I am still in awe of all Gods blessings and natures beauty that surrounds me here every day.

I'll post an official fishing report the first of next week.
To all the soldiers and their families who have sacrificed so much and given their all,I for one am eternally greatful. Thanks and have a great Memorial Day,you are remembered in my home!