Kings River, Highway 412 & Osage Clayworks on Highway 103 while delivering brochures for Mystic Caverns!

By mysticcaverns
I headed out to deliver brochures for Mystic Caverns to Huntsville, Arkansas this morning. As I headed back this afternoon, I had gone about eleven miles East on Highway 412 from Huntsville and traveled through the small community of Marble, Arkansas when I approached a bridge with a sign that read "Kings River". Although, I am sure that I had gone over the bridge many times in the past; I had never taken the time to slow down and look at the river. This time, I'm glad to say, I did.
It sure made me wish that I had a canoe and a little more free time! I then headed East on Highway 412...I must have stopped at least four times to take pictures of the spectacular Spring scenery!


I was approaching Highway 103 when I remembered that I hadn't visited the Osage Clayworks in a long time, and I decided to stop in for a visit with Newt the potter. The Osage Clayworks is in an old stamp building that is on the Historic Register.
Inside the old building are treasures of beautiful handmade Arkansas pottery not often seen!
My wife loves to go into Newt's store! If you ever get out this way, you should make it a point to stop by and visit this historic "step back in time". And, while you're at it, drive on South on Highway 103 up through the Osage valley. It is one of the prettiest places you'll ever see! Highway 103 will eventually intersect Highway 43 near Compton, Arkansas.
I headed back North on Highway 103 the mile or so to Highway 412, but I couldn't resist stopping to take a picture of Osage Creek from the bridge.
I hope you have enjoyed this little drive along Highway 412 with me. I have so enjoyed seeing the Redbuds and Dogwoods in bloom and all the different shades of green as the other trees are beginning to leaf out. This is my favorite time of year in the Ozarks. You can't see beauty like this and not feel blessed!