Gaston's White River Fishing Report Update 5.11.10

By Gastons White River Resort



For daily water conditions and lake levels, call the Bull Shoals Powerhouse at (870)431-5311.

Trophy Browns and Chunky Rainbows

Multiple days of low water in the mornings and afternoons with higher water has made fishing over the last couple days very good. During the mornings on low water. Most of the trout have been caught on live worms or powerbait using a white river rig. Spoons and spinners such as the Thomas Buoyant (red and gold or flash black), Little Cleos (red and gold), Yellow Panther Martins, and Yellow Rooster Tails have also been useful during low water, producing follows and strikes on many of the retrieves. Also floating rapalas #5 or #7 are enticing a few big strikes.

When multiple generators are running water, live red worms and fl yellow powerbait is hard to beat. In case a person wanted to throw artificial, the countdown rapalas, excaliburs, smithwick rogues, and black jigs have been the way to chase lunkers. Remember when the Corps of Engineers signal water release there will be a "feeding frenzy." Worms will be wash out of the river bottom and beetles, bugs off the shore, and various types of food thru the dam. The vigorous feeding normally lasts until the water levels off. Even after the water levels out the fishing will remain good for quite some time.

Fly Fishermen

Low water in the mornings has been very nice to the wading fly fisherman. Most of the flies being used are the elk hair caddis, soft hackle sow bug, and the bulbous bi-visible. These are very effective until the water begins to rise. IF generators of turned on, switch fly fishing from a boat and throw a san juan worm, y2k, or a 1/64th pink jig under a strike indicator.

Ask about our fly fishing school!!!


Please note that a trophy trout released can be replicated if you have the dimensions and pictures of the fish so that one day someone else can experience a great trophy trout as well.

It is rewarding to see the bait fisherman, fly fisherman, guides, operators and the public working together in the best interest of the White River and it's Trophy Trout fishing program. Just proves what a bit of teamwork will do.

Good luck with your fishing and take a buddy along to enjoy fishing also
and to make memories of a lifetime.

Ron & Logan

Arkansas Trophy Trout - Gaston's White River Resort




Lake Level: 657.60 msl
Last Report: 653.80 (Power Pool is 654 msl)

MSL is mean sea level. When we say that the lake level is 654
MSL, that means that the top of the lake is 654 feet above sea level.

Arkansas Trophy Trout - Gaston's White River Resort