gardening: Am I going crazy?

By moose

These last few weeks I had the wild hair to plant a few tomato plants. This gardening thing is getting way out of hand!!A thousand bucks in deer fencing,plants,weed cloth, seeds ,etc. etc. and all I have is a sunburned bald head and a sore back .I sure hope something grows. I planted everything it seems,way heavy on the tomatoes and peppers and squash.I love all the veggies and I think it will be great to have organic produce to serve here for breakfast{think juicy vine ripe tomatoes} and dinners.
I will definitely have extras to send home with guests who love tomatoes. I started with 6 plants but it has grown to 22 plants.Somebody stop me.

I am told I may have an influx of rabbits, we will see. MMMM, fried rabbit and zucchini with sweet corn and tomatoes on the side. This gardening thing could work out.