Fog on Highway 7 has slowed traffic to Mystic Caverns

By mysticcaverns

I visited the Cliff House Restaurant and Motel yesterday. It is located about eighteen miles south of Mystic Caverns on Arkansas Scenic Byway 7. Normally when I visit, I am greeted by a spectacular view of the "Grand Canyon of Arkansas". Yesterday, however, all I saw was a dense fog. Mike McLaurin, the owner of the Cliff House, said it had been that way for days. The good news is the weather is supposed to clear this afternoon and remain clear (except for a few light showers possible on Saturday) through Tuesday of next week! We are looking forward to the sunshine.

We have had 8.25 inches of rain since October 1st. This makes it a great time to visit our caverns because, the two beautiful caves at Mystic Caverns which are typically fairly dry this time of year, are both very wet with most of the formations active and forming!

Be sure to travel Arkansas Scenic Byway 7 to see the fall colors this year, don't forget to stop by and see Mystic & Crystal Dome Caverns, and drop in to visit with Mike at the Cliff House Restaurant to enjoy the hospitality, be awed by the view and satisfied by some good food!