Ferguson Family Reunion near Buffalo River

By Bear Creek Log Cabins

July 4 - 5 is Family Reunion Time for the Ferguson family.  The Fergusons homesteaded at the lower end of Tyler Bend in 1867.  Their descendents gather at Bear Creek Log Cabins, just south of Grinder's Ferry, every summer over the 4th of July holiday.

Bear Creek Log Cabins specializes in family reunions, church retreats and group gatherings of all kinds. 

We know how to make ALL AGES happy and comfortable.

Lots of creek swimming, mountain hiking, offroad 4wheeling and fishing goes on during the Ferguson reunion. Plus the youngsters take advantage of the wide-open natural setting for turtle races, 3-legged races, softball, and all kinds of reunion games.

The Clan Mac Fhearghuis (known today as the Ferguson family) traces their Scottish heritage back at least as far as 1709. 

The library in Marshall, AR is named for a member of this pioneer family - James G. Ferguson. The library is home to one of the best run geneology records collection in the whole state. Folks come from all across the country to research their ancestors there.

Other Buffalo River pioneer families and original settlers of Bear Creek Valley include the Tylers, Mays, Myatts, Reeves, Grinders, Browns, Moores, Barnetts, and McElroys.

We're proud to welcome the Ferguson's again this year!  More and more families from Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Louisiana are joining us for reunions this summer.