Drive into the Movies

Marshall Arkansas - located in Searcy county.  Marshall is on highway 65 about 40 miles south of Harrison.  To get to Marshall from my house in Flippin requires a 1 hour drive across rugged Ozark Mountains and terrain - one of my favorite drives.  My wife and I make a trek to Marshall a couple times each year for the purpose of visiting the Kenda drive in theater. 

Last night, we crossed the Buffalo River while the sun was still bright.  We both commented that we are over due for a canoe trip in on the river.  Seeing the Buffalo always makes me want to be ON the Buffalo.

We got to the theatre about 30 minutes early by design.  For those that have not been there, early time at the drive in is in many ways comparable to a miniature tail gate party before an NFL game.  Just as we were getting tired of the atmosphere, the movies started.  Mall Cop and Twilight were our double feature.  Yes -the Kenda broadcasts the movie over a weak FM transmitter.  We could have listened to it in startling good sound through our vehicle's radio system - but that would ruin what we were there for.  Instead, I plugged the standard issue 40 year old speaker into the post at our parking spot, and we listened to both movies through a slightly distorted rattling metal speaker enclosure.  PERFECT.

What a great evening!  Sometimes the hill people of my home are known for maybe being a little behind times.  We do not have any large highways.  There is not a chain restaurant or motel in Searcy county.  There is no mall.  Most of the people driving pick up trucks want to wave to you when you meet them on the highway.  And we STILL go to the drive in theater on Saturday nights.  We don't have any problem being a little behind times.  And yes, you can join us - just don't try to "fix" us - we don't think anything is broken.